It is important to find a mirror of a company. . . YC A…

Jinan Zejin Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. has created a flexible and varied function, as Li Ka-shing said: SMEs should dare to innovate, be flexible, changeable, and dare to break through the traditional thinking of society, which is the best way out of the market of today's times. Ji

What is the difference between a partition and a non-se…

What is the difference between a partition and a non-separator high-efficiency filter? It is not so clear to many workers who are new to high-efficiency filters. Now we will discuss the similarities and differences of high-efficiency filters. 1. High-efficiency filters include high-efficiency fi

Guangzhou Guangshang Electromechanical Maintenance Co.,…

Guangzhou Guangshang Electromechanical Maintenance Co., Ltd. DC motor repair. Generator repair. School balance. Carbon brush. Shanghai Nanyang Motor Guangdong repair factory. Diesel generator repair. The factory is from Xiangtan Motor Factory, Jiangxi Motor Factory, Shanghai Motor Factory A large-

Do you know the use of epoxy floor paint?

Epoxy floor paint instructions The epoxy resin thin coating material produced by our company is a high performance epoxy coating with strong coverage and good bonding performance. The utility model has the advantages of simple construction, brushing and coating, and the film has high hardness and

American Renault showcases carbide and bimetal band saw…

Abstract LENOX exhibited high-quality carbide and bi-metal band saw products at CIMT2009 and the corresponding Q-Series solution services. This is the first time the company has participated in CIMT. Mr. Liu Ying, Technical Manager of Renault Greater China,... LENOX demonstrated high-quality

Efficient tool enterprise structure adjustment strategy

Abstract The industrial restructuring of China's manufacturing industry under the financial crisis is proceeding vigorously, and the tool industry is no exception. Modern and efficient cutting tools have become the main direction of the products of many Chinese qualified and powerful tool

What Wanhua wood shredder needs to do is to improve the…

Wanhua Machinery's new wood shredder is a new type of shredder widely used in branches, wood chips, furniture factory corner scraps, logs, etc. It is now winter, basically this season is a slack season, and this time is also When the demand for our Wanhua wood shredders increased, because at t

Conveyor belt classification

Conveyor belt classification Conveyor belts can be divided into: Special conveyor belt for automobile industry, special conveyor belt for battery, special conveyor belt for quick-frozen food, special conveyor belt for snack food, special conveyor belt for aquatic industry, special conveyor belt

How to identify the quality of the sponge

How to identify the quality of the sponge (provided by Donghong Sponge Factory, 0769-8186 0358) The two main technical indicators of sponge, density and rebound index. 1, density: high density of good quality, flexibility and comfort, poor furniture sponge due to insufficient density, either sit