China iron ore spot trading platform will be officially…

China's iron ore spot trading platform will be officially launched, which is the result of the game between the parties, but also the beginning, but changed the battlefield. On March 29, 2012, China's iron ore spot trading platform began to simulate operation. This is only half a year sin

Solid wood bathtub purchase and maintenance

As a family's upscale baths continue to open on the streets of the ancient city, the bathing methods in ordinary families are also undergoing changes. Solid wood tubs, jacuzzis, sauna rooms, etc., which were originally just listening to new terms, have gradually turned into a member of the famil

Bathroom equipment quality disputes more showers off-th…

When a female graduate student was reported to have died of carbon monoxide poisoning while bathing, it was reported by television stations and newspapers. It immediately caused a shock and the public debated. The quality of bathroom equipment and its installation problems have always been one of t

Choose bathroom furniture according to local conditions

Function is preferred and durable Nowadays, people are increasingly demanding improvement in their decoration. Each space in the home must not only satisfy the use of functions, but also have a personality, enhance the decorativeness of the space and the convenience of use, and this concept also

Buy bathroom: waterproof moisture is the key

When people choose bathroom furniture, the waterproof and moisture-proof function is often the key to choice. Due to the full consideration of the wet environment of the bathroom, the bathroom furniture is basically made of solid wood, moisture-proof board and density board as the base material. T

Reliable shower room

The family has higher and higher requirements for bathroom facilities. Many families hope to have a separate bathing space, but due to the limited space of the sanitary room, only bathing facilities and sanitary ware can be placed in one room. The shower room makes full use of the corner of the room

Three points of daily use and maintenance of the toilet

Not long ago, the toilets in the home were often blocked, and it took much effort to clear the pump with rubber. The property maintenance master drove through electric dredges and found no foreign objects. Wasted manpower, time and water. Out of frustration, the maintenance master suggested that it

"Four traps" in the decoration of stairs

1. The stairs play a certain banner role in home improvement, and their design style must also be unified with the overall style. However, sales personnel often sell products with unequal decorative styles to consumers, which may cause irreparable regret to your home improvement. Crack: Professiona

Top Ten Mistakes in Decoration Knowledge

1. As long as you feel no smell, there will be no pollution in the indoor environment; 2, as long as the interior decoration must be pollution, indoor environmental pollution can not prevent; 3, as long as the materials used in the decoration is in line with national standards, there must be no po

Five tips for home damp proof

There are a large number of furniture accessories and many varieties, and it is more difficult to concentrate on moisture prevention for each one. In addition to the main products available on the market, such as hygroscopic cartridges and mildew-proof insect repellents, we can use the following fi