Shenzhen Advanced Institute successfully prepared a new…

Recently, Tang Yongbing, a researcher at the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and his research team members have collaborated with Li Zhensheng, a professor at City University of Hong Kong, to make new advances in new types of energy

Analysis on the application and characteristics of auto…

The fully automatic L-type sealing and cutting machine is a fully automatic unmanned operation machine. It is widely used in the flow production of mass production packaging. The work efficiency is high. Automatic film feeding and punching automatic film sealing and cutting only need to manually adj

FST token system development

Fst turbocharging mode development, FST system development, find Jiangsheng 189 electricity 0227 micro 8940, FST token system development. FST System Mode App Development The random number generation of the FST economy-driven ecosystem includes two methods: consensus-based random numbers; random

What is the price of composite solid wood doors?

What is the price of composite solid wood doors? With the continuous development of society, people's living standards are constantly improving. Then everyone will decorate their house beautifully. Then everyone will change their own door. So now many people use composite solid wood doors. What

What should you watch out for when renovating your home…

What should you watch out for when renovating your home? Family renovation is very common in our lives. The refurbishment of a house is very different from the renovation of a new house. Renovation is even more difficult than the renovation. Then the following small series should share with you what

What is video coding technology

Overview One of the main ways to solve the contradiction between the large amount of data after digitalization of video and audio and the small capacity of digital storage media and communication networks is compression. To this end, the International Organization for Standardization had establis

How to solve the network camera sound access problem

1: first determine whether the network camera audio input is: LINEIN (linear level) 2: If it is to determine the LINE audio input port, then check whether the microphone power supply is normal, check the connection of the pickup is correct. If the above two cases are determined, the sound quality

Alarm host installation, adjustment and maintenance

1, the installation of the alarm host should be away from large metal objects, televisions, computers, etc., or because the signal is interfered with will shorten the transmission or receiving distance; host as far as possible to install in the position closer to the detector; under the premise of

Talking about the anti-loose connection of threaded fas…

Technology and equipment talk about the connection of threaded fasteners, Wu Songzhi (Shandong Huayuan Laidong Internal Combustion Engine Co., Ltd., Laiyang 265200) pay attention to this issue. Threaded fasteners are easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be used repeatedly. The disadvantage is t

The infrared detector principle and characteristics

The human body has a constant body temperature, usually around 37 degrees, and emits infrared light with a specific wavelength of about 10 μm. A passive infrared detector works by detecting infrared radiation emitted by a human body at about 10 μm. The 10 μm or so infrared emitted by the h