Plate furniture repair small coup

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Application of new design ideas in the model plane

Author: Shandong Lunan Machine Tool Co., Ltd. Wang Shao deposit Cheng Xiantong Zaozhuang Daxing Mining Co., Ltd. Zhang Haixia The boring method is a high-precision, high-efficiency, economical and practical method for processing the box hole system. It is widely used in actual production. Each co

Security system application problem

In the wide application process of security systems, there are also many problems: 1) The security subsystems are independent and lack linkage. When an emergency occurs, the role of early warning and defense cannot be effectively played. With the development of society and the improvement of

How to identify the validity period of pesticides

1. Intuitive method: For powder pesticides, first look at the appearance of the medicament. If it is agglomerated by moisture, the taste of the medicine is not strong or has other odors, and it can be pinched into a group, indicating that it has basically failed; for the emulsion pesticide, the

Copper-aluminum composite radiator

Copper-aluminum composite products have good corrosion resistance. This type of radiator is corrosion resistant and adaptable. However, some products have not been compounded by two materials. Only copper pipes are added to aluminum products. Experts recommend buying brand products, and the re

New Technology for Casting Process of Thick Sectional W…

The supporting wheel is one of the key parts on the rotary kiln equipment. It bears the rotating load of the equipment and works under the condition of large alternating stress. Therefore, the internal quality of the casting of the supporting wheel is high, and obvious casting defects are not allow

The tangram table can be deformed like a tangram

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Patrol system application range

Applicable to building, residential property, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, buildings, factories, mines, enterprises and other fire, burglary, security inspection patrol. Oil: patrols of oil pipelines, natural gas pipelines, oil tank reservoirs, oilfield oil well facilities Electrici

Diesel engine bearing burnout prevention measures (2)

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2012 real estate boom and fall paint bitter

In 2012, the external environment of the coatings industry was affected by the state's regulatory policies. The slump in real estate sales indirectly affected the development of the paint industry... This has even become the mantra of the industry. It seems that all industries in this