FRP mold surface treatment technology

In order to improve the product smoothness and improve work efficiency, the release agent should be applied once every time, so that the product has high finish and avoids the need to clean the wax after using the release wax multiple times. After a period of production, the surface of the mold is

Plasma heating

The plasma can generally include a part of the ionized incompletely ionized plasma, and the plasma continues to be heated, eventually becoming a completely ionized plasma, and its temperature reaches hundreds of millions of degrees of plasma, but not to the second place. Nuclear fusion Raman spect

What is the living room tiles?

The living room is a place where people often gather and activities are frequent. Many people choose ceramic tiles for decoration. Tiles have many advantages such as dirt resistance, easy cleaning, waterproof, and wear resistance. They are not only practical but also beautiful in the living room.

What kind of fire door core board fire door core board …

When it comes to fire doors, the vast majority of people will think of public places. It can be seen that its fire resistance cannot be overlooked. When it comes to this, we must mention the fire door core panels . What are the fire door core panels ? Next we will come together to understand it.

Touch the best tiles: relief tile renderings

As early as in ancient times, the primitive humans began to express their feelings of religion, nature, and daily life with a thick, dignified three-dimensional relief. Today, this ancient and emotionally charged art is used in tile designs, embossed tiles. Get rid of the monotonous smooth brick s

Remember these four buying tips for easy selection of b…

Washbasin buying skills: starting from the style The basins are divided according to the shape and installation form, and can be divided into several types: stage basin, understage basin, pedestal basin and wall-mounted basin. 1. Under counter basin The entire basin above the counter basin is th

Several common electronic fence functions and applicabl…

According to the site's different geographical environment and safety requirements, the application of electronic fence can be based on the actual situation of different types, to achieve the purpose of outdoor security. In order to make everyone aware of the various electronic fences, the comm

Automobile fire control and fire comprehensive solution

Automobile fire fire control and fire comprehensive solution car fire fire control and fire comprehensive solution I. Car fire situation Cars are indispensable means of transporting goods, going out to work, and traveling. On the one hand, modern means of transportation bring convenience to peop

In March, the import and export double-drafted and stab…

The General Administration of Customs released import and export data on the 13th. In March this year, China’s total import and export value was 1.76 trillion yuan, down 13.5% from the same period of last year (the same below), of which exports were 886.83 billion yuan, down 14.6%; imp