Advertising machine and liquid crystal display, LCD TV difference

With the continuous expansion of the scope of application, LCD advertising players began to infiltrate every aspect of people's lives. However, in the actual purchase, many industry users still can not clearly distinguish the difference between LCD advertising machines, LCD monitors and LCD TVs, resulting in no small difficulties in the purchase. What is the difference between them? This article will answer for you.

First, the stability of the operating environment is higher than ordinary LCD products

Ordinary liquid crystal displays and LCD TVs are used in small spaces, such as homes, living rooms, and so on, so their operating environment is relatively stable and clean, and temperature and humidity control are relatively reasonable. The advertising machine is an outdoor multimedia information publishing device, most of them appear in densely populated public places, so its operating environment is very unstable. Therefore, in terms of design, the advertising environment is more stable than liquid crystal displays and LCD TVs.

Second, playing time is higher than the LCD monitor/TV

LCD advertising machines, vertical advertising machines, touch advertising machines and a series of advertising machines are suitable for long-term use, and are very different from LCD monitors, LCD TVs and other products. Advertising machines can run 24 hours a day, which is different from computers and servers. In terms of the type of display panel, the two are basically the same, but in terms of heat dissipation, the function of the advertising machine is stronger than that of LCD products such as LCD monitors, LCD TVs, etc. Because advertising machines need long-term operations, there are special needs for heat sinks and the like.

Third, brightness, higher than ordinary LCD products

Since most of the LCD advertising machines appear in public places and the ambient light is very bright, the brightness environment must meet the bright environment of the place to be placed, and the display brightness of the liquid crystal display and the LCD TV only needs to meet the needs of human eyes. Therefore, brightness is also an important feature of advertising machines.

Fourth, the show area, very different <br> <br> whether it is a liquid crystal display or LCD TV, display area and display specifications have a share of the industry. For example, liquid crystal display scales are 32 inches, 37 inches, 40 inches, 42 inches, 46 inches, etc.; while the share of display is controlled at 4:3, 16:9, and 16:10, and a special share usually does not appear. In this piece, the advertising machine is different. In order to meet the needs of publicity demonstrations in special venues, advertising machines have non-standard appearance of goods, such as rectangles, squares, and T-types. For example, advertisers with thousands of miles of business display have vertical, wall-hanging, T-shaped, and mobile. There are 40-inch, 46-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 70-inch and so on. Therefore, advertising machines that are specially required to be drafted are usually more expensive than those produced by the general assembly line.

Fifth, special use of advertising machines, need to add equipment

The advertising machine has audio and video playback functions and unlimited playback of advertising content, so in order to complete the display of advertisements, there will be a lot of rated hardware support, including special equipment for advertising machines. There are many advertising machine manufacturers to complete the large display area, higher resolution, will use liquid crystal splicing and other skills, complete the splicing use will have the corresponding hardware support and software support.

Six, interface planning, there are differences

In the field of consumer display devices, usually only three kinds of interfaces, VGA, DVI and HDMI, DP interface is relatively rare; in the field of industrial use, BNC interface will have a special use. In terms of televisions, the diversity of interfaces is emphasized, and more audio-visual devices can be connected. The types of interfaces are the most and the number is the most.

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