Alice's wild lost position self-help manual Daquan

Alice's wild lost position self-help manual Daquan

What if you unfortunately get lost in a strange remote area?

Recently I heard a lot of news of ALICE being injured or even missing due to getting lost. I was deeply saddened and very sighed. If these friends can master or understand some of the countermeasures after losing the position in the wild, they can calm down according to their environment. In response, it may be possible to avoid this tragedy to a large extent. The strange and remote outdoor environment has complicated topography and geomorphology, and the meteorological conditions are changeable. The donkeys who go to these areas need to be cautious and must have a thorough emergency plan.

First, the emergency liaison person should, in the outdoor activities, tell him or her friends (others) to go wherever he left, and he must agree on the contact method and contact time. Once you do not contact the appointment time, the other party will help the police.

Second, the establishment of signs to travel to strange areas in addition to the small flashlight should be carried along with outside the rescue whistle and other help tools to bring a piece of red silk cloth, on the way need to change the line, it should be timely signs, so that search and rescue personnel to identify. For example, tearing the red cloth into strips, writing names, visiting areas, etc. Briefly and quickly, binding the branches or stones at the turning point on the road for future generations to discern; or using the twigs that cut off tree branches and leaves to indicate the course, In the middle of the tree, poles and rocks on the way are marked with arrows indicating the direction; more small stones can also be picked up at the intersection to indicate the direction of the arrow.

3. Set up a shelter. When you are lost in a sparsely populated, unfamiliar and unfamiliar part of the country, you must not blindly seek a way out if you cannot find out the road. At this time, we should wait for rescue on the spot and keep a clear head to use the terrain and all available materials to build a simple shelter (choose the sunrise point as much as possible) in order to cope with bad weather. During this process, do not carry out large-scale exercise and avoid large amounts of Sweating, preventing colds, paying attention to physical fitness.

Fourth, the distress signal can be collected during the day more wet damp leaves, weeds, can be used to ignite a large amount of smoke generated by combustion to the outside world. At night, a strong light flashlight can be used to perform certain regular shaking on the sky and nearby hilltops (or landmarks, such as stand-alone trees, which can be seen by more prominent parties), and at the same time, bonfires are used to warm and disperse mosquitoes and beasts. class.

Fifth, to supplement the diet to find the water source and reasonably distribute the foods that are carried, if necessary, collect the wild plants that can be identified by themselves, eat as much as possible after being cooked, and do not consume too much at one time to avoid allergic reactions. Try to catch insects, fish and small animals to eat as much as possible (remaining meat can be roasted, smoked or air-dried with pine branches, can be stored for a long time, not perishable), add physical fitness, and be prepared to maintain more than 72 hours. Because of special circumstances, human life is off, do not care what animal protection, if you can grasp!

6. Heating and Insulation To prevent cold and heat, avoid the risk of losing temperature. When there are no cold clothes, you can pick and reel as many branches as possible. The leaves of dense, broad-leaved trees cover as much as possible around the body (in the uncarried tent In the case of ), it would be better if a layer of coniferous leaves is applied to the broad-leafed branches to prevent rain. In addition, it is also possible to dig a sleeping bag size pit in the morning sun according to the needs and environment. It is best to lay some stone boards (in favor of heat storage), then put the collected branches and weeds into the pit to burn, and then The ash is cleared, and this pit can be used for evening sleep. It works well. If you bring a lifesaving blanket worth tens of dollars when you travel, that's better.

Seventhly, calm and arrogant actions are the enemy of outdoor activities. Being strange to remote outdoor environments, there are considerable risks in separating from groups and acting alone. It is purely suicidal behavior. In fact, everyone is very clear. However, if this happens to you, can you do it? Once they have lost their bearings and lost their way, they should keep their heads calm, adjust their mentality, quickly observe and understand the topography of the environment, the growth of vegetation, and maximize the use of these environmental features. , as far as possible to improve the living conditions. Waiting for the rescue, this will be your wisest choice!

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