At a glance, see the birth of high-quality fabrics!

Each of the original fibers is a beautiful flower in the past life;

Every quality fabric is a gorgeous practice in this life.

Today we use 5 pictures and 5 words.

Let everyone see the birth process of a premium fabric from Heppel!

The first is the growth of a natural fiber.

Budding, breaking ground, jointing, flowering, fruiting, maturity...

Good cloth, a breath of life

Picking clean and flexible natural fibers

Smell, fragrant, healthy and natural

Of course, the first synthetic fiber that is woven is also a good quality virgin fiber.

Raw fiber spun into native yarn

Compared with recycled yarns with poor toughness, short fibers and many faults

The original yarn is soft and smooth, and the fiber is long and complete.

This makes the durability, high color fastness and high-end temperament of high-quality fabrics

The original sound yarn is interlaced by warp and weft, and becomes a cloth.

Workmanship, craftsmanship, gorgeous and elegant fabrics

Directly dependent on the process

Active printing, mechanism jacquard, flower cutting, burning, embroidering, embossing...

Flower shape, fresh pattern

This is the extraordinary craft of Herpina.

Let the fabric exude a sophisticated and high-end temperament

High-end fashion soft

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