Bathroom light how to choose bathroom lamp maintenance method

The bathroom is a special place and a most private place. Pay attention to many details during the renovation. Don't be too bright for the bathroom light. It will make you feel uncomfortable. The following small series for everyone to introduce how to buy bathroom lights and bathroom lights maintenance methods.

How to choose bathroom lights

1, consider the purchase of bathroom lamps from the environmental aspects

Due to the limitation of the bathroom area, do not choose excessively large bathroom lights, such as crystal lamps, table lamps, etc. These are not suitable for bathroom use. It is best to choose a lamp that has waterproof properties so that it is safe.

2. Considering the purchase of bathroom lamps from the special requirements of bathroom lamps

Bathroom lights should be chosen to be waterproof, because the bathroom is relatively humid, it is best not to choose for iron lamps, it is easy to damp, rust. You can choose warm light bathroom lights, so that it will not dazzling in the bath, but also gives a warm feeling.

3, understanding the waterproof index is more conducive to the purchase of bathroom lights

When you purchase, you must first understand the waterproof coefficient of the bathroom light, and the waterproof system is abbreviated as IP. This technology is widely used in bathroom lights, and since then it has added security to lamp safety.

Bathroom lamp maintenance method

1. The bathroom lights can be protected by moisture-proof lamp shades, which can effectively prevent the lamps from getting damp and prolong their service life.

2. When cleaning the bathroom lights, do not disassemble parts easily. This can easily damage the bathroom lights.

3, when cleaning the bathroom lamp, use a dry cloth to wipe, so as to avoid the bathroom moisture into the lamp, so as to avoid future use of short circuit and other issues.

4, for the lamp shade, you can use dry cleaning agent.

5, for the appearance of the lamp, you can wipe it with a soft dry cotton cloth.

Editing summary: How to buy bathroom lights and how to maintain the bathroom lights are introduced here. We hope to help everyone. Want to learn more related knowledge can focus on this site information.

Bathroom light

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