Black whirlwind sprinted Aetna technology harvested a lot

Abstract Antai Technology received a “big gift” during the Christmas period. The company’s 10.10% shareholding company, Black Cyclone Saw Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Black Cyclone”) disclosed I...
Antai Technology received a “big gift” during the Christmas period. The company’s 10.10% shareholding company, Black Cyclone Saw Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Black Cyclone”) disclosed the IPO application materials on the 26th. The number of new shares issued was 28.41 million shares, and the fundraising was invested in three major projects. Once the IPO is successful, Antai Technology will enjoy the equity value-added income. From its low cost, the equity is expected to increase by 10 times.

According to the disclosure, the main products of the black cyclone are the diamond saw blade base and the carbide saw blade base, of which the former is the leading product. The company plans to issue 28.41 million new shares on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, with a total share capital of 114 million shares after the issuance. The fundraising will be invested 180 million yuan in the professional diamond saw blade matrix expansion and expansion project, and the high-performance cemented carbide saw blade base expansion and expansion project will be 45.68 million yuan. The technical center upgrade project was 24.42 million yuan.

The data show that in 1992, the black cyclone predecessor saw blade factory was established. At the time of establishment, the fund was the General Bureau of Geological Exploration of the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, the Iron and Steel Research Institute of the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, and the Zhongnan Metallurgical Machinery Factory of the Central South Geological Exploration Bureau of the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry. In 1998, the saw blade factory was reorganized into the Black Cyclone Co., Ltd. In January 1999, the Black Cyclone Limited Shareholders' Meeting decided to transfer the 30% equity of the company it held to Aetna Technology, which is actually the total steel research institute. The hospital initiated the establishment of Antai Technology with a 30% stake in the black cyclone, and it was difficult to evaluate the cost price because there was no relevant legal basis for the equity investment. Subsequently, the black cyclone experienced multiple capital increase and equity transfer. Until this public offering, Antai Technology directly held 8.61 million shares of Black Cyclone, accounting for 10.10% of its total shares. After the issue, the shareholding ratio decreased to 7.57%. It is the second largest shareholder of Black Cyclone.

From the financial data, Black Cyclone achieved a net profit of 36.7 million yuan in 2013. The diluted earnings per share of the total shares after the issuance was about 0.32 yuan. If the price-earnings ratio is about 30 times, the black whirlwind issue price is 10 yuan. According to the shareholding calculation, after the listing of Black Cyclone, Antai Technology will increase nearly RMB 100 million in available financial assets. Investigate the 2013 annual report of Antai Technology. In the case of its long-term equity investment details, the equity holding the black cyclone saw industry is calculated by the cost method, and the cost is only 8.94 million yuan. According to this calculation, after the equity is circulated in the secondary market, the value-added will be more than 10 times.

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