Camera resolution

The definition is generally from the perspective of a video recorder, and the image quality is compared by looking at the clarity of the reproduced image, so the term definition is commonly used. The camera generally uses the term resolution to measure its ability to "decompose the details of the scene." The unit is "TV Line" (TVLine), also known as line. It means that when viewed from the horizontal direction, it is equivalent to erecting the scan lines of each row, and then multiplying by 4/3 (aspect ratio) to form a bus in the horizontal direction, called horizontal resolution. It will vary with the number of CCD pixels and the video bandwidth. The more pixels and the wider the bandwidth, the higher the resolution. The 625-line PAL television set is the nominal vertical resolution force. Except for the 50 lines of reverse travel, the actual effective vertical resolution force is 575 lines. The horizontal resolution can be up to 575x4 / 3 = 766 lines. But one of the main factors limiting the number of lines is bandwidth. Empirical data indicates that 80 lines / MHz can be used to calculate the reproducible TV lines (number of lines). For example, the 6MHz bandwidth can be resolved by horizontal resolution to 480 lines of image quality. Low-end home video recorders, such as VHS, can have a resolution of up to 240 lines. High-end home video recorders, such as SV, and digital camcorders use a digital signal format with a resolution of more than 500 lines. (The resolution of ordinary TV is about 280 lines, and the resolution of VCD is 230 lines).

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Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

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