Central South Iron Powder Market

Within a week, the South China Iron Refinery market was boring. There was no significant ups and downs in the price of refined flour in Hubei and Hunan during the week. Due to the limited local resource inventory, the enthusiasm of factory and mine shipments was not high. The ore purchases of steel plants were more focused on resources outside the province, and the province purchased The price remained stable; as of Thursday, 65% of the acid powder in Hubei Daye market was shipped from 490-510 yuan/ton ex-factory, which was higher than last week; there was no significant change in the market price of resources in Hunan and Henan. 65% alkaline powder does not contain tax wet basis quoted at 530-540 yuan / ton. According to market dealers, the coming September-October will be the peak season for southern ore production. Considering that the northern winter season for raw materials is approaching, the inflow of resources from other provinces will be relatively limited in the later period. In Guangdong and Guangxi market, the billet market was optimistic during the week, and the market transaction performance was positive. The production and production of mines in the region had basically resumed production. Currently, Huaiji of Guangdong Huaiji has 65% of the dry weight of acid powder to the factory price of 700-710 yuan/ton.

Infrared Monocular Night Vision

NNPO TR20 Scope Digital infrared thermal imaging hunting riflescope

infrared thermal imaging night-vision device adopts advance non-cooled focal plane infrared detector and quality optical lenses as the core. With the characteristics of convenient and quick operating system, small appearance design, expansion parts with perfect function, long duration of use, it is sturdy and durable and applicable to all types of environments and provides an ideal temperature measurement tool featuring [clear imaging, precise measurement, simple operation and easy to carry". This is the best selection for onsite detection, preventive maintenance and other application sites.
The product may be used for outdoor animal observation, search and rescue, law enforcement detection for policemen, night patrol, outdoor activities and personal security, etc. The product is provided with the photographing function. The photos may be browsed by connecting with a computer through USB to make it convenient for observation of many persons at the same time, which creates possibility for application in more occasions

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