Coating film adhesion test tool - paint film cross-cutting device (100 grid knife)

â–¡ Use the blade of the Baige knife itself to cross cut plastic, metal coating, coating surface coating, and then use standard tape to cover the cutting surface to remove the peeling surface.

â–¡ It is mainly a square test on the adhesion of coating products, combined with the use of various test tapes, to evaluate the bonding ability of various substrates on the coating and the plating layer with respect to the substrate.


1mm×10 (11-blade)

2mm×10 (11-blade)

Blade head: four heads


1. Press the knife head across the test sample, scrape the surface coating (up to the substrate), and cut it again with a 90-degree angle to form a cross-shaped grid.

2. Gently sweep away debris with a small cleaning brush from a 45-degree angle

3. Tape Adhesion Method is only applicable to hard surfaces: (Standard tapes are sold separately)

● Tear off the standard tape for two turns and discard it

● At a steady speed, tear a standard tape about 7.5 cm long, stick it in the area that has just been staggered and gently press it with your fingers.

● Steadily and carefully tear the tape at a 60-degree angle for 0.5 to 1 second (the tape should not stay on the sample surface for more than five minutes)

● Keep this piece of tape (coating debris that may stick to the surface of the sample), you can put it on a transparent film to save

4. Check the cross-cut grid area and evaluate the adhesion of the coated surface. Please refer to the evaluation table below.

5. The same group of samples must be repeated at least three times in different locations