Conquer the kitchen and bathroom tile cleaning problems to make the dirt nowhere to hide

In the home cleaning of the season, it is always found that the tile dirt in the kitchen and bathroom is the most difficult to clean. This is due to the space limitations of the kitchen and bathroom. When choosing the tiles, the light color is often used. In addition, the special features of the kitchen and bathroom functions are often used to make the tiles stained with greasy, rust or soap. How to keep the tiles in the home clean "faces"?

Scale rust is difficult to maintain, C wash can be removed

Water pipes in kitchens and bathrooms are often used for water. Over time, behind the water pipes, or where water is often encountered, the tiles are prone to yellow rust or scale and are difficult to clean. To remove the rust from the tile, wash it with a 2% oxalic acid solution several times, then wipe it off with water. In addition, it can be crushed into powder by using three or four vitamin C tablets, then sprinkled on the surface of the tile, and then washed several times with water to remove rust stains.

Oily stains irritating acid cleaners to help

The kitchen is the most serious oil stain, and the oil on the tiles in the kitchen is inevitable, especially in the gap is a thick layer of oil that is difficult to remove. Since the oil does not fuse with water, simple water cannot be cleaned. Therefore, for the oil stain remaining on the tile for a long time, it is difficult to use only the degreased product alone. If the oil on the tile or on the gap is very thick, you should first use a shovel to shovel it, or use a steel ball to clean it first. After it has been thinned, it can be cleaned with a detergent containing acidic or dissolved components.

Soap dirt is more difficult to wrap the brush with hydrochloric acid

The main problem with bathroom tiles is the traces of soap. After using soap, it is placed close to the tile. Over time, soap marks and dirt will accumulate on the tile surface, forming annoying stains. In the face of this soapy dirt, you can first rinse it with warm water. After the soapy residue is partially dissolved, use a brush to gently wipe it off. In addition, you can also use sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid solution, drop it on the brick surface, and let it stand for a few minutes, then wipe it, pay attention to protect your hands.

Tile gap mold mold more waterproofing agent, toothpaste and match

Tile seams also need to be cured to prevent mold growth and damage to the entire tile. Use decontamination cream to remove surface stains, then apply waterproofing agent to avoid moisture. Without water, mold is not easy to breed, and it can achieve the purpose of continuous mildew prevention. If you want to better prevent mildew, you can also use toothpaste for daily brushing. Toothpaste has a strong cleaning effect. After using a toothbrush, it is used according to the oil stain on the tile joint. Because the direction of the tile joint is vertical, you should also choose the longitudinal brushing during brushing, and then apply a layer of waterproofing agent after cleaning. [Follow the WeChat public number " Jiuzheng Ceramics Network" ; pay attention to courtesy, scan code to send millions of business opportunities! Jiuzheng ceramics network exchange group: 80123558 】

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