Custom furniture delivery time has repeatedly dragged consumers back for rejection

Consumers want to return the goods merchant refused but agreed to exempt 100 yuan

Mr. Wu complained to the mayor's hotline 12345: On November 4, 2010, he customized a corner computer desk at the Xinmu Furniture Plaza Pinmufang in Jianggan District, worth 1,000 yuan, and prepaid 200 yuan. The merchant promised delivery within a week, but did not deliver it until November 20. Now he asked for a return, but the merchant disagreed.

After more than two weeks, the computer desk has not been delivered

The corner computer made by Mr. Wu has a shelf on the desk. Mr. Wu said that all the computer desk bookshelves in the store are on the right. Due to the arrangement of the room in the house, he asked the store owner to change the bookshelves to the left of the table.

"At that time, the boss verbally promised that my table can be delivered within a week, but in fact the items have not arrived yet." Mr. Wu said, the first time on the 14th, the furniture store contacted him and said that because of the Shanghai car loading No more, the table will not be delivered until the 20th. On the 20th, I called again and said that it would take two more days for the weather to be delivered. The delivery driver also called him just now and said he would deliver the furniture on the 23rd.

"I usually have to go to work, and there is no one at home during the day. They didn't deliver it before the appointment time. Now I can't take leave at their time to wait for him at home." Mr. Wu asked the furniture store to refund the 200 yuan prepaid. Money, he doesn't want to ask for a computer desk.

Custom furniture cannot be returned for a maximum of 100 yuan

Mr. Cao, the person in charge of Pinmufang Furniture Store of Xinyue Furniture Plaza in Jianggan District said that the furniture in the store was sent from Shanghai. Normally, the furniture in the store was delivered within one month. At that time, Mr. Wu was promised to deliver it within a week, considering that the computer desk was not very large and could be added to the latest shipment and shipped together. However, after the delivery, it was found that the arrangement could not be made, so I had to wait for the next batch. Because it rained again on the 20th, there was no delivery.

"Because Mr. Wu ’s computer desk is customized, the company ’s delivery contract stipulates that customized furniture cannot be returned." Mr. Cao said that Mr. Wu can be exempted from 100 yuan, and the furniture can be temporarily stored in the storehouse until Mr. Wu is at home It will be sent over at the time.

Mr. Wu said that he would agree with Mr. Cao on the time of receipt.

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