Zhengfan Home has been focusing on the improvement of quality home life. At the end of 2018, it officially introduced the Italian art furniture Deborah .

For 23 years, DEBRAH'S has been using craftsmanship to create modern, stylish and luxurious full-space art furniture for families around the world.
Inheriting the 800-year-old Belgian craftsmanship, and constantly improving the complex handicraft skills, the temperature passed from hand to hand is condensed in each Deborah furniture.
DEBRAH'S products are exported to more than 130 countries and regions in the world
DEBRAH'S products are selected from Italy's strong-aged yellow bull's back skin, East Asian sponge, snake mouth glass, walnut wood, water-based paint imported from Germany ...
DEBRAH'S pursues not only a simple fashion life, but also a high-quality home experience

The variety of DEBRAH'S products, the simple decoration atmosphere, and the soft decoration style you want, sweet and salt


Cement reinforced steel is the backbone of the house, so soft decoration is the soul of the house. DEBRAH'S introduces a new 3D home experience, which allows you to see what you get is what Zhengfan Home will do for your home space. Color matching and space layout, etc., use furniture, lamps, curtains, carpets, ornaments, floral art and other elements to customize your own living environment for you

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