Electric submersible pump new technology to solve the air lock problem

Electric submersible pumps can not withstand large gas lift fluid lift conditions, usually the gas volume fraction (GVF) can not exceed 10% to 20%. This is because the electric submersible pump relies on the centrifugal force to lift the fluid. When the pump rotates, it produces high pressure and low pressure in the radial or axial direction of the pump impeller. When the gas enters the pump barrel, the lighter gas will flow from the heavier liquid In the separation, gathered in the low-pressure side of the blade, and eventually lock into the impeller channel, resulting in air lock pump. VSD can adjust the pump speed according to the load change caused by the air lock, so that the pump overcomes the gas slug. However, the VSD has its own limitation. If the GVF is high enough, the air lock will still occur. Submersible Pump Workflow Schlumberger Advanced Gas Processing System (AGH) introduces homogenous mixing of the produced fluids as they pass through the pump, compressing the gas into the solution according to the principle of homogenization, In the gas lift effect, so that the pump can lift about 45% of GVF mixture without air lock, reducing the pump load and improve the overall lifting efficiency.