Faster mold technology requires low breakthrough

In recent years, the mold industry has developed to a certain extent. As an important part of the fastener mold, it has naturally developed. With the advancement of technology, the requirements for fastener molds are more stringent.

Faster mold technology requires low breakthrough

China's mold industry has made great progress, and the standardization, specialization and commercialization of mold parts have been improved. However, some personalized products with high technical content, advanced structure, high quality and easy replacement are still lacking. In some industrially developed countries, the development of fasteners has received attention. Due to the late start of China's mold standardization, the lack of product specifications, small production scale, poor circulation, lack of medium and high-end products, foreign mold companies have seized the market.

In order to have a place in the domestic high-end market, China's fastener molds need to strengthen their independent innovation capabilities, focus on the cultivation of industry talents, and strengthen cooperation with universities and research institutes.

8 Channel NVR specs:

• H.265 video decoding, support access H.265 and H.264 IPC
• Access to Network Camera that comply with ONVIF,RTSP standards and many mainstream vendors
• VGA, HDMI synchronous output, HDMI output resolution can be up to 4K, VGA output resolution can be up to 1920*1080
• One-click to add a network camera
• Up to 8MP camera living, recording and playback
• Access bandwidth up to 80Mbps, support up to 16 channels living and recording
• Up to 16 channels synchronous playback, decoding capability up to 4 channels 1080P@30fps
• Upload snapshot and video backup to third-party cloud service, like Dropbox, Google Drive
• Built-in cloud and P2P transfer service, achieve access by website, mobile application(VSS Mobile),PC client, support alarm push
• Support UPNP, SMTP, SSL email alarm

8 channel NVR Another name including:

Lorex 8 Channel 4K, Lnk71082T85B , Swann 8580 ,Lorex 4K Ultra Hd Nvr

8 channel NVR

8 Channel NVR

Lorex 8 Channel 4K,Lnk71082T85B,Swann 8580,Lorex 4K Ultra Hd Nvr

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