Furniture Exhibition wants to create the "Oscar Award" for the furniture industry design

To create masters with exhibition design furniture industry "Oscars"

Show awards transformation upgrade 36 consecutive sessions of the furniture industry "Golden Yi Award", the Global Call for candidates for Entries

Houjie News (Zhu Beilun) Following the plan to launch the “Star-making Movement” in the furniture industry, the famous furniture exhibition also plans to create the “Oscar Award” recognized by the furniture industry! The author learned from the organizing committee of the famous furniture exhibition that in order to extensively explore and cultivate furniture design talents and support the original design of Chinese furniture, the 36th exhibition awards have been held continuously, starting from the 37th famous furniture exhibition held in March this year . The reform and upgrade to the "Golden Award" selection, for the global collection of entries for the entries, there will be a prestigious design of the "big coffee" judges at home and abroad to ensure that the event is objective, fair, open and fair.

Systematic Change Upgrade Award

It is understood that from the famous furniture exhibition exhibition awards, the reform and upgrade to the "Golden Award" is not only the replacement of the award name, but more importantly, from the award setting, the composition of the judges, the selection criteria, the selection method, the award form, and the dissemination method. Systematic reforms have been carried out in other areas.

The reform of the jury team members' structure, most of the previous judges' experts are professors from famous national forestry colleges and famous colleges and universities, and this jury will be integrated into the top furniture designers or home space at home and abroad. Designers, hiring the most prestigious professionals at home and abroad to form a luxury jury to select the top strength of China's home design, manufacturing, craftsmanship, quality and market value with the industry's most rigorous selection system. Up to now, this exhibition has been confirmed by the famous Chinese designer Lu Zhirong, Chen Baoguang, deputy director of the Expert Committee of China Furniture Association, and Liang Jianguo, creative director of Beijing Jimei Group, and the design “big coffee”.

Changes in the setting of awards, with the deepening of the transformation and upgrading of the home market, market conditions have changed, the “Golden Award” will not only work with the Chinese furniture industry, but also with the upstream and downstream industry chain of the home industry to promote Chinese furniture to a higher level. And the wider world stage, thus changing the previous awards set by the famous furniture exhibition, including the organizing committee award, outstanding original design award, outstanding craftsmanship award, outstanding booth design award, furnishings art award, green innovation award. Seven major awards such as the most popular brand awards, and the award target is "the most influential industry special award in China's furniture industry." In other words, it is necessary to build a recognized “Design Oscar Award” for the Chinese furniture industry.

In the awards ceremony, the “Golden Awards” awards ceremony will be held on the second day of the exhibition, and will be held in a high-profile design forum, and will be integrated into the fashion art form, making it a feast for the home industry and designers. .

In terms of the design and promotion of the award-winning image, the “Golden Award” specially hired well-known design companies to systematically package and promote the image of the award.

The promotion of promotion will be pre-heated through the press conference, national tour and other forms of the "Golden Award" awards, and cooperate with relevant professional media and mass media on a large scale to continuously deepen interviews and report publicity.

Intended to promote the integration of design and industry

In fact, what is the practical significance of creating such an award? Some industry analysts believe that the Chinese furniture industry does not lack furniture designers who can design market-recognized products. However, the relationship between designers and furniture business owners is a difficult problem. They often have case-to-case cooperation. It is difficult to form a continuous stream of creative production lines. That is to say, in the design practice of the Chinese furniture industry, the most difficult problem to solve is the question of how industrial practice blends with design practice. The "Golden Award" hired outstanding designers to be judges, but also hopes to solve the communication problems between the design industry and the industry, so that the market detection agent can better integrate the opinions of the design industry and entrepreneurs. Satisfactory effect.

“From the perspective of users' daily life, good furniture design is good-looking, easy to use, and good to sell. From a professional point of view, furniture design is the interaction between material and spirit, knowledge and experience, brand and user, and is tactical. It is also a strategy, and it belongs to a very comprehensive discipline, involving many aspects.” Wen Hao, dean of the Graduate School of Furniture Research at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, believes that the “Golden Prize” is now to be done in the design industry and furniture enterprises. Build a smooth bridge between homes, make the combination of art and business practice beautiful, and let the good products with both beauty and creativity and market value quickly get through the famous furniture exhibition platform, which is the leading market in China. test.

Fang Runzhong, general manager of the furniture exhibition, believes that the "Golden Award" is based on the famous furniture exhibition. For example, the famous iF award in Germany is based on the Hannover Industrial Design Forum. The concept of "independence, rigor and reliability" is beneficial to the whole industry. The finest furniture design. At the same time, the award is no longer just an accessory of the exhibition, but the transformation is an independent, open, fair, authoritative and instructive industry award, with an open mind to create a more open stage to meet the domestic and international furniture design elite. The latest works also help make this award a world home design award, leading the trend of Chinese furniture design. (Contained in the original February 14, 2017 "Houjie News")

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