Gasoline generator working principle and common fault handling

Treatment of Common Faults in Gasoline Generators
Can't start or suddenly turn off after starting
1. The flameout switch is not open and the flameout line is short circuited. Lack of oil (protected models).
2. Sensor: Remove the oil sensor connecting cable, and change the oil sensor activated by the gasoline engine function.
3. Ignition system problem: Unplug the spark plug and pull it to start. Observe the spark condition. The spark is white and red. If there is no spark, replace the spark plug or igniter.
4. Problems with the fuel supply system: Check whether the fuel is filled with water. If the water is used, clean the carburetor with gasoline. To determine whether the cylinder into the fuel, pull out the spark plug with your finger tightly press the air filter hole, pull a few open pull, smell the fingers have no fuel smell. Determine whether the oil supply path leaks, and change the throttle position to see if it can start.
5. Problems of energy conversion system and gas distribution system: Pull out the spark plug and press the air filter hole tightly with fingers. If there is no compressed gas, it will cause a problem in the energy conversion system and the gas distribution system.
Unsteady speed or reduced power
1. Speed ​​control system problem: Check if the speed control spring is separated or interfered. Check whether the gasoline engine has idle speed (the generator group observes the no-load frequency) to judge whether the clearance between the swinging rod and the speed-regulating gear is too large. If there is no idle speed and the no-load frequency is high, the gap between the swinging rod and the speed-regulating gear needs to be adjusted.
2. Check whether the spark plug has carbon deposition or if the air filter is blocked. Use a long-term gasoline engine to check if the piston ring is worn.
3. Assembly rotor clearance 0.3±0.1mm
The above are the common failures during the “Three Guarantees” period of gasoline engines. Please refer to the operating instructions for the operating environment, maintenance, and precautions of the gasoline engine.
Basic principle and structure of gasoline generator unit
1. Gasoline generator set uses a gasoline engine as a power source to drive the generator to provide mobile power to the electrical appliance by driving the stator and rotor conductors of the generator to dynamically cut the current generated by the magnetic force lines.
2. The gasoline generator sets are divided into brush generator sets and brushless generator sets due to the different pressure regulation modes. Gasoline generators consist mainly of gasoline engines, generator rotors, pressure regulators (with brushes) or capacitors (brushless), and control panels.
Treatment of common failures of gasoline generator sets (electrical parts).
No voltage output
1. The power system is overloaded or short-circuited, causing the output switch not to turn on: Observe the output switch position.
2. The carbon brush has not been contacted or the cable has come off: Remove the motor cover and inspect it.
3. Demagnetization of rotor magnets: Push the governor arm by hand and increase the throttle to see if it can return to normal.
4, damage to the regulator or capacitor (brushless) damage: change the regulator or capacitor to see if it can return to normal.
5, motor stator and rotor burnout: remove the motor stator and rotor to see if there is no burn marks or for the rotor to see if it can return to normal.
High voltage
1, regulator damage or regulator voltage adjustment screw loose: first adjust the regulator voltage regulator screw to observe whether there is a change in voltage, such as adjusting the regulator voltage regulator screw can not return to normal, change the regulator.
2, gasoline generator speed becomes higher, adjust the gasoline engine adjustment screws to see if it can return to normal (preferably with a frequency meter to measure the range of 53.5Hz-49.5Hz).
The above are the common failures during the “three guarantees” period of the gasoline generator set. Please refer to the operating instructions for the operating environment, maintenance, and precautions for use of the gasoline engine.
Treatment of Common Faults of Gasoline Engine Pumps
1. The gasoline engine water pump is composed of a gasoline engine and a pump body.
2. The pump body is composed of a pump housing, a water wheel, a water seal, and an inlet and outlet pipe connection.
2, water pump water seal water burnout: in the pump and gasoline engine connection.
Treatment of common troubles of tillage machines.
1. The tiller consists of a gasoline engine , a transmission system, a speed control system, a clutch system, a gear shift system, a tillage depth control system, and tillage.
(1) The transmission system is mainly composed of a belt drive, a gear drive, and a chain drive.
Common faults include belt wear and chain wear.
(2) The speed control system is mainly composed of throttle puller, accelerator operating handle, and accelerator operating combination.
Common faults are: Looseness of the throttle control handle screw causes speed to run out of control.
(3) The clutch system of the tiller is relatively simple. It controls the transmission through the tension and skidding of the belt. Mainly by the belt drive system, tensioner, tensioner spring, tensioner cable pull, tensioner handle, belt protection frame.
The common faults are: the loose belt can not drive, the belt is too tight or the belt guard is not in the proper position, the drive can not be disengaged.
(4) The gear shift system consists of forward gear and reverse gear.
Mainly by the gear shift fork, shift gear, shift lever positioning spring and positioning steel ball, gear instructions, gear change rod.
The common faults are: gear shifting caused by shaft pin down.
(5) The tillage depth control system is an operation control system that controls the tillage depth and forward speed of the tiller. It is mainly composed of a resistance cultivator, a resistance cultivator seat and a resistance cultivator hinge seat.
The common faults are: the deformation of the resistance blade causes the forward direction operation to run out of control.

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