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In modern home life, tiles will appear more or less in people's homes. Whether it is kitchen or bathroom tiles or living room tiles, ceramic tiles occupy an increasingly difficult position to ignore in people's lives. Well, choosing a brand tile with good quality and good reputation is a top priority. So, what brand of tiles is better? Today, Xiao Bian took everyone to know about the gold rudder tiles of one of the top ten brands of tiles . From the consumer's point of view and evaluation to take everyone to see if the gold rudder tiles and 2017 latest gold rudder tile official website price, for your reference oh.

Gold rudder tile introduction:

Jinduo Ceramics Co., Ltd. is located in Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, and is known as “Nanzhuang, the first town of China’s Jiantao”. Founded in 1993, the company is one of the earliest companies in China to use imported equipment to produce polished tiles and enjoys the reputation of “China's originator of polished tiles”. In the development process of more than a decade, the gold rudder ceramic has been at the forefront of peers and is a famous large-scale high-quality ceramic building enterprise. He has won numerous honors such as "China 3C Compulsory Certification", "China Famous Brand", "Guangdong Famous Brand", "Guangdong Famous Brand Products" and so on.

How about a gold rudder tile:

After we understand the introduction of gold rudder tiles, we should come to understand how gold rudder tiles, Xiao Bian specially collected from the Internet for consumers of gold rudder tiles evaluation, because only genuine consumer evaluation is the most intuitive.

User One: The gold rudder tiles belong to the first-line brand bricks, and the gold rudder polished brick series is also the earliest manufacturer to begin production in Foshan, Guangdong. Therefore, the quality of the gold rudder tile should be good, it can be said to have a higher cost, home decoration worth buying.

Netizen two: ceramics should be said to be okay, but not so high ranking! In terms of price is also possible, in general, this quality is worthy of this price, but some series are not good enough, I am a bricklayer!

User 3: Gold rudder tile quality is still very good, it is worth our confidence to buy, I bought gold rudder tiles because my brother home decoration is also a gold rudder tile, so I also use this brand of tiles, the quality is still relatively It is worth giving us all the trust.

Gold rudder tile advantage

First, the equipment advantages: The company has advanced ceramic production equipment, also has KD7800 tons of presses and Italy SACMI7200 tons of presses, and the industry's leading 280 meters double-wide body kilns.

Second, product advantages: The three major production base specializing in the production of 1200mmX1800m, 1200mmX1200mm, 1200mmX600mm, 1000mmX1000mm800mmX800mm, 600mmX600mm complete specifications and fashionable full glass polished tile products; while producing 300mmX600mm, 300mmX450mm, 300mmX300mm and other specifications of the interior wall glazed tile products and A variety of modern stone products.

Third, the brand advantage: say that the brand is the best quality assurance, gold rudder tiles as one of the top ten brands of tiles, is a professional production of polished tiles, microcrystalline stone and full glazed porcelain tiles, such as large-scale ceramic production enterprises, have access to Top ten brands of Chinese ceramics, Chinese ceramics first-tier brands, and well-known trademarks in China. Has an absolute brand advantage and excellent reputation. Perfect brand building, including its excellent after-sales service, allowing customers to enjoy God-like caring service!

Gold rudder tile official website price:

After we understand how the gold rudder tile, we should come to understand the price of gold rudder tile official website, Xiao Bian here to tell you about the price of gold rudder tile official website, hoping to be able to understand the rudder tile for everyone to help.

Gold rudder inner wall tile LOOK360° tile type Reference price (yuan/film)
(porcelain) Art Series JA4004 9.80
(porcelain) Art Series JA4007 9.80
(porcelain) Art Series JA4019 9.80
(Porcelain) Art Series JA4028 9.80
(porcelain) Art Series JA4029 9.80
(porcelain) Art Series JA4035 9.80
(porcelain) Art Series JA4037 9.80
(porcelain) Art Series JA4036 9.80
(porcelain) Art Series JA4062 9.80

Information about the gold rudder tile is introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible. For more information, please follow this site!

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