Haier Wang Zheng: The establishment of industry system and standards is the foundation of smart home

This year, Internet companies have entered the industry in all walks of life, bringing new ideas and impacting the old system. With the continuous integration of the Internet and intelligent control technologies, it is increasingly affecting the development of traditional industries. In the Internet age, mobile internet has become a hot topic and exploration direction in the traditional industry.

At today's Android conference, traditional home appliance giant Haier pointed out that traditional home appliance companies must be aware of the rapid development of mobile Internet technology and think about the future layout of smart homes. At present, Haier relies on full openness, full industrial chain, full compatibility and technological advantages to aggregate the different resources of the smart home industry chain to create a U+ smart home interconnection platform, hoping to quickly intervene in this new market. After the meeting, Wang Zheng, the director of Haier UHOME, gave an answer to Haier's prospects in the face of the dilemma, development and future of smart home.

Talking about the dilemma

According to the data, in China, the development of smart homes has been nearly a decade, and most people's recognition of smart homes is not high. In the recent few years, with the development of the Internet of Things technology, the technical bottleneck of smart home has been broken, making the market more mature. Although the industry is looking forward to the market prospects of smart homes, there are still many obstacles to the development of smart homes. For Haier, smart home may not be unfamiliar. Wang Zheng told reporters that as early as 15 years ago, Haier had the concept of doing smart home, but in the limitations of technology and industry, it was finally lost. "This year, smart homes rely on mobile Internet and Internet of Things technology to drive the current situation of blowouts. Although everyone has taken a fancy to the prospects of this market, there is no relevant industry standard and perfect ecosystem in this market. A company can't finish it," Wang Zheng said.

Talk about development

Faced with various problems, the big names led by home appliance companies and Internet companies are not willing to compromise. It is reported that for the layout of smart homes, there are already several ecosystems on the market. Among them, Haier established a smart life ecosystem platform with U+ system as its core. It is reported that the full set of smart home solutions is supported by U+ smart home internet platform, U+ cloud service platform and U+ big data analysis platform. Based on this platform, a full range of home appliances such as home appliances, lighting, curtains and security in the user's home can achieve inter-brand and cross-product connectivity. In this booth experience, the reporter saw that Haier U+ Smart Life Operating System can upgrade the different brands of air conditioners, humidifiers and air purifiers that were previously purchased at home, thus achieving a more convenient intelligent operation experience than before. .

At the same time, Haier also announced today that it will launch a 320 million yuan smart home industry fund support with Saifu Investment and Haier Venture Capital, aiming to create an open ecosystem. The Haier U+ platform and its ecosystem, which play an important role in the smart home field, will be one of the fund's key investment areas. After the developer proposes the project incubation plan, if the project is approved by the Haier Safford Fund, the fund can be supported. In addition to financial support, Haier U+ has also established the first smart home open lab with developers such as Beijing Tuman Technology Entrepreneurship Team, Maker and Geek, to provide developers with the design, equipment, technology, environment, etc. needed for creative research and development. Resource support minimizes the cost of R&D and promotion of each member's new products and provides the best research environment for technology growth. It means that the U+ smart living ecosystem will gradually land, which will accelerate the marketization process of the smart home industry. In addition, according to Wang Zheng, the future will pay more attention to the user experience. "In the next layout, we will also pay attention to the layout of the user experience hall. Only when users experience the functions and products of smart homes can they truly understand the convenience and humanity of the platform."

Talking about the future

For the future development of smart homes, Wang Zheng also has his own unique views. He said that at present, smart home is still an exploration stage. What can be met is that the construction of the ecological circle is indispensable. At present, smart homes are also in the stage of testing water during operation, and most of them have no practical operation. And this is related to the formation of a new industry. As we all know, the formation of an industry will inevitably lead to the industry, so "burning money" is inevitable. In today's market, Haier is not only a family that develops a smart home ecosystem. At the same time, many companies such as Xiaomi, Apple, TCL and others are targeting this emerging market. Wang Zheng said that he did not agree with the statement of "burning money." "It can be seen that many websites currently have "burning money" in the wars in the Internet field. Many Internet companies will disappear directly after burning money, and nothing will be found in the end. However, I don't think this phenomenon exists in smart homes. Because we mainly do products and ecosystems, the application and user experience of future physical products is the key to this industry. Some things can't be solved by “burning money.” We can see that in the short-term construction of smart homes. Investment is a must. In the long run, smart home projects can be sustainable.” In addition, Wang Zheng also said: “An industry does not have a good industrial system and industry standards, and it will definitely detour and develop in development. The smart home in the future needs to continue to explore and welcome more partners to join. In this industry where the current road is still in a fuzzy stage, more cross-border support and coordinated development are needed, so that the industry can be industrialized. A healthier development is also the foundation for building a smart home.

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