Hidden platform from the air to wear a helmet

“Tossing cigarettes from the upstairs, drinking leftover tea, and rotting vegetables are commonplace. This is not the case. The traces of paint that fell last year are still there. In the past few days, I splashed off a stall from the upstairs. I do not know whether it is ink or pigment. Something..." Said Auntie Wang, who was a high-altitude parasitic person in Xi'an United Middle Road No. 1 High-rise Community, was very angry. After staying for 6 years, this matter was not stopped.

Neighbors admired by the neighbors became the worst-hit areas for rubbish

Aunt Wang lived on the second floor of the East Unit of this community. The house was facing south and facing the south. There was a platform around the rectangular balcony. When she first arrived in 2008, the neighbors also envied her family for having a “private plot” where they could grow flowers and vegetables. However, since households had thrown trash downstairs, Wang’s family’s platform became a “stricken area”.

The only building in the community is a total of 31 floors. Yesterday morning, from the window south of the East Unit of the community, we looked from the fourth floor of the window to the next to the second floor of the platform. A bunch of dark things flowed downstream. Spilled stains on the walls and platforms are everywhere.

"Before 5 o'clock in the afternoon last Thursday, I was cooking in the kitchen. Suddenly I heard a bang. When I ran to see it, I had splashed everywhere," said Aunt Wang, pointing to the black and white stains on the platform. " At the same time, there was a large sheet metal box that fell over. I wondered who had thrown away the discarded paint or something. My two windows were spattered."

Aunt Wang’s husband, Master Yang, said that on the morning of Friday (23th), it was still raining. They spent two hours and used eight steel balls to clean up the windows and the platform outside the window. clean. Not only that, Ms. Zhao’s home on the fourth floor was also damaged. Not only the windows of the balcony, but also the stains on the windowsills and balconies of the screens were everywhere. “I suspect someone upstairs was throwing it down and hit my balcony and then down the window.”

I tanned on the balcony, can run into the thrown instant noodle bowl

Speaking of high altitude parabolic things, Aunt Wang has endless water. “The cigarette butts, the tea leftovers, the leaves of the rotten vegetables, and the watermelon rind are too common. In the year that I first stayed in, someone dropped the smelly citron and moldy rice in the bag, and they all landed on my platform. No way. I spent money on the balcony to open a window to facilitate access to the platform to clean." Aunt Wang said, "I sundry the quilt on the balcony, can run into the instant noodles bowl downstairs even soup brought down. There was also paint last winter The bottle was thrown, and more than ten days ago, there were people dropping a solid steel column."

Yesterday, on the platform of Aunt Wang’s home, faint traces of white paint splattered, as well as cabbage leaves and cigarette butts. Master Yang retrieved a solid steel column about 10 cm long and 3 cm in diameter from outside the window sill. "This is also a fall from the upstairs. I need to go to the platform to clean it every three times. I have to wear a safety helmet every time. Such a high building is a watermelon rind falling, and people can't stand it." He said .

"After last winter, Aunt Wang took a picture of the falling white paint and wrote a reminder word on the elevator, but it didn't help." Ms. Zhao, who lives on the fourth floor, said, "There used to be people playing steel balls. The police station has come home to investigate. The property staff will also be cleaned by the platform at intervals, and the garbage will be pulled out in a barrel."

If high altitude parabolic causes damage to life and property, who will bear responsibility

Ms. Zhao’s statement was confirmed at Director Luo’s office at the West Point Property Management Office. Luo Zhuren introduced that the residents reported that they all understand that not only the East Unit, but also the residents on the second floor of the West Unit have such problems.

Property staff had conducted house-to-house surveys in the West Unit, but the residents did not admit to doing it themselves. The property can only inform the reminder, and the outside of the building is also decorated with a warm reminder sign, but the effect is not good.

The attorney for high-altitude parabolic behavior said that the Tort Liability Act clearly stipulates that the property of the victim’s life and property can be a compensation agreement for households above the victim’s floor. Unless one of the households can show evidence that he has no such behavior, the damage to the victim will be borne by the household involved.

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