Honeysuckle winter shears pay more attention

Honeysuckle winter shears:

In winter, the pruning is based on the principle of “Wangshu light cut, weak branch heavy cut, and dry branch full cut”. The litchi, the dense branches, the diseased branches, the thin branches, the vines along the soil, etc. can be removed from the plant.膛 Ventilation and light transmission, good growth, and reduced pests and diseases. After trimming, it is necessary to spray the general guards of the tree to disinfect and cure the wounds quickly, and the disease-preventing bacteria are infected from the wounds.

Honeysuckle plastic surgery can be selected by pole-assisted shaping. The stems of the plants are climbed on the poles of appropriate height. After the rods are inserted, all the above ground parts are cut off, and only one or three vigorously growing branches are selected from the branches growing in the roots. Wrap it around the pole and allow it to grow up on the auxiliary rod to form an upright center rod. It can make the honeysuckle branches sparsely distributed, evenly distributed, more flowering and convenient for harvesting.

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