How to choose villa doors and windows for villa doors and windows

Many villa owners have encountered it. When installing the doors and windows of the villas, the doors and windows that were bought back were slick or the quality was not enough. It took a lot of money and regretted it afterwards. Xiaobian here tells everyone that there are skills in choosing the right door and window, and choosing the right door and window is very simple.

别墅门窗怎么选 别墅门窗选购技巧

Villa door and window shopping skills one : to choose the regular manufacturers of products

First of all, we must choose the products of the regular brand. We must pay attention to whether the manufacturer of the product has the legal production license qualification, and whether the product has the “QS” logo and the environmental protection label. Before installation, pay attention to check whether the window frame fan is regular, whether the joint is firm, whether the glass is intact, whether there is obvious corrugation, whether the handle and metal fittings are firm, the surface of the hardware should be fine and not rough, and the distance between the double glass should not be less than Whether the 8mm drain hole is blocked or the sealant strip has the smell of a punctured nose. After installation, please pay attention to check whether the whole window is deformed, whether the window sash is flexible, whether the window and the wall are firmly connected or not, and the protective film attached to the surface of the window material should be removed in time.

别墅门窗怎么选 别墅门窗选购技巧

Villa door and window shopping skills 2 : choose insulation and energy-saving windows in the purchase of windows, Xiaobian suggested that villa owners should choose the best energy-saving insulation window. Generally speaking, the function of the energy-saving heat preservation window is to block the outdoor heat energy in the summer to save the electric energy consumed by the air conditioner, that is, to save the electricity cost; in the winter, the indoor heat energy is left indoors to save the energy and cost consumed by the heating.

别墅门窗怎么选 别墅门窗选购技巧

Villa door and window shopping skills three : choose float glass performance is better, while Xiaobian suggested that villa owners should choose good glass when choosing windows. At present, the external windows produced by regular manufacturers mainly use float glass and low-emission coated glass. According to experts, float glass is much better than flat glass in terms of heat insulation, heat preservation, light transmission and avoiding visual distortion; low-radiation coated glass is superior in heat insulation, heat preservation, light transmission and ultraviolet light removal. Therefore, when replacing the outer window, the villa industry mainly considers the use of float glass and low-emission coated glass.

别墅门窗怎么选 别墅门窗选购技巧

Villa door and window shopping skills four : choose windows should be compared to the price of the three brands of the same brand in the building materials market is not exactly the same. The price of a window brand in the middle and high-end building materials market is more than 1,000 yuan, while the price in a middle and low-end building materials market is half as cheap. Therefore, Xiao Bian suggested that when the villa owners choose the window, when they choose to go to the formal building materials market, they should also make more comparisons on the price to avoid spending money.

别墅门窗怎么选 别墅门窗选购技巧

The above-mentioned villa door and window shopping skills will be introduced to this first, I hope to help you, more information, all in GO Jiaju

Source: GO Jiaju

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