If you let Ren Dahua come to the "dry price", you still can't come? !

From October 31st, Jianwei Home Plaza, Hua Ge came to visit, and together with Hua Ge, " big price "!

1. When you come, I will send it.

During the event, the customer will visit the store's primary selection product with the VIP card, and deliver the 100 yuan reservation fee to lock the exclusive product in advance! On the day the scene with orders arrived with 200 yuan and can receive a special gift. Special products and activities are reserved for products that cannot be used.

2, you can pump the e-commerce without shopping

Customers who sign in to enter, no If you need to shop, you can get a free lottery ticket and participate directly in each lottery .

3, the whole point of music

Customers who place orders at 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, can get a lottery ticket for over 2,000 yuan, and 2 lottery tickets for over 4000 (not capped!)

4, ç ¸ golden eggs, grab the gold bars!

This event launches 1000 golden eggs waiting for you! According to the actual amount of 3,000 yuan, you can smash it once, and it is not capped! 100% winning! (except for products and special products)

5, the city subsidies, a province and then province

All consumers who shop at Jianwei Home Plaza on the 10.31th day can participate in shopping subsidy activities, up to 10% (except for special offers and special offers)

6, full of crazy send

The actual amount paid at the event is over 20,000 yuan, and a set of goose down duvets is provided.

The actual amount paid at the event is over 50,000 yuan, and a gift certificate for the hairy crab is given.

The actual amount paid at the event is over 70,000 yuan, and one air purifier is provided.

7 ultimate award!

On the day of the event, you can participate in the ultimate draw with your order. Take Iphone6S on time at 20:00 on October 31st

Send it to the ground and stop it! What are you waiting for!

On October 31st, Jianwei Home Plaza, 202 Zhongxin Avenue West, Suzhou Industrial Park


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