Is the board and decoration company alliance reliable?

China board trading network news:

There is a doorway for one line, and it is inevitable that the scope will be too big for both of us. No matter what the line is, professionalism is the most important thing. Everyone also believes you. Of course, some companies have grown bigger and have become brands that everyone recognizes. Then it can expand the scope of business. For example, some companies that make electrical appliances are deeply ingrained in people's minds. At this time, he does food and everyone agrees.

However, ordinary small businesses are still a bit more stable. At present, it has been found that there are a lot of industries that the board companies are involved in. Perhaps they are influenced by some experts and they are everywhere. It is thought that there is always one flower that is the most brilliant. However, he did not know that the scope of the project was too large. He was disregarding the human resources, material resources, pre-sales and after-sales issues. Doing so will damage the customer's reputation for the company, and it will make the customer disappointed with you and lose more.

Renovation is a big cake, but this cake is not suitable for board companies, or professional is a little good, the decoration thing is given to the decoration company to do it, the market is very big, a lot of fish, but you can not eat all, otherwise it will die Miserable.

Plate companies can combine alliances with decoration companies so that they can not only give customers the lowest price, but also guarantee after-sales, and who is responsible for which project is indicated in the contract, including the post-maintenance and so on. Customers are also assured that this kind of approach is very good and hopes that board companies can seize this point and unite with the decoration company to win the market together.

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