Li Keqiang: This year, we must let the company feel personally in terms of reducing the non-tax burden such as fees.

Abstract At the symposium hosted by Premier Li Keqiang on January 13, four entrepreneurs, three of whom were invited to attend, were asked by the Prime Minister about the issue of “enterprise tax burden”. Li Keqiang then made it clear that this year it is going to reduce the fees and other non-tax burdens...
At the symposium hosted by Premier Li Keqiang on January 13, the four entrepreneurs invited to attend, three of them were asked by the Prime Minister about the "enterprise tax burden". Li Keqiang then made it clear that this year, the company should have a personal experience in reducing the non-tax burden of fees and charges, and the State Council should carry out supervision.
"The government must persist in the tight days, thus making room for corporate tax cuts and reductions. This is a principle of government work this year!" said the Prime Minister.
The symposium on the day listened to the opinions and suggestions of experts, scholars and business people on the "Government Work Report (Draft for Comment)". After Liu Hualong, the chairman of China National Vehicle Corporation, finished speaking, Li Keqiang immediately asked him what the ratio of corporate tax burden to turnover. In the speech of Li Dongsheng, chairman of TCL Group, the prime minister repeatedly questioned the company's asset-liability ratio and tax burden. For the “new economy” company, which has been officially operated for less than a year, Mr. Li Keqiang also twice asked about the tax policy of enterprises.

China News Service, Liu Zhenshe
Gao Peiyong, member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and director of the Institute of Economic Research, quoted a large amount of data in his speech. The macro tax burden in China is not much different from that in Europe and the United States, but the burden on enterprises is relatively high. He acknowledged the expression in the Exposure Draft on reducing corporate tax burden this year: "I very much agree with the paragraph in the report that the government will continue to promote tax cuts and reductions, but the source of tax cuts is not to increase the deficit, but to synchronize Reduce corporate tax burdens and government spending."
"It is true that we mainly have too many 'fees' for various purposes, and the institutional transaction costs are too high, and we must further accelerate the reduction of corporate burdens," Li Keqiang said.
He immediately stated that this year the State Council will specifically conduct supervision on this. "We must collect taxes and fees according to the rules. The taxes and fees that are not in the list must not be collected. We must reduce the non-tax burden of enterprises through rigid measures and reduce the flexible space for tax collection," the Prime Minister said.

China News Service, Liu Zhenshe
Where does the space for tax cuts and reductions come from? Li Keqiang is very determined to say that the government must truly "satisfy with the enterprise" and truly live a "tight day."
"Without the development of the company, it will eventually be exhausted and fished," the Prime Minister said.
He demanded that the general public expenditure be further reduced to further increase the efficiency of expenditure.
"Where is the money used for 'pressing'? It is used to reduce the burden on enterprises!" said the Prime Minister.
Li Keqiang pointed out that in recent years, China's business environment rankings are rising, but it is necessary to continue to deepen the reform of "distribution services", speed up the formulation and implementation of the list of powers and responsibilities, and effectively reduce the institutional transaction costs.

China News Service, Liu Zhenshe
"These costs, several entrepreneurs here may feel the most: to do something, to get an approval, to get a pass, may not be easy, it will take a lot of time." The Prime Minister said, "the relevant departments must seize this The key tasks of the project will be further promoted to tap the potential of the Chinese economy and release greater market vitality."
Li Keqiang finally demanded that the government work should introduce more effective measures to truly solve the difficulties of some enterprises and the pain points of ordinary people.
"We must let the market players have a more personal feeling. The "Government Work Report" is the government's commitment to the people. The most important thing is to represent the people's wishes and satisfy the people!" said the Prime Minister.

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