Market demand breeds a new industry of 'furniture beauticians'

The furniture is painted off, the board is cracked, and the door is damaged and deformed ... These headaches of furniture damage trouble many consumers. Throw it away, it's a pity, repair it, you can't find a professional furniture and beauty shop. It is in response to this market demand that an emerging industry called 'furniture beautician' came into being and quietly became popular.

At present, only two people in Anji are engaged in the profession of furniture beautician, because ordinary furniture stores cannot afford a fixed furniture beautician. 'In a brand furniture store, the person in charge, Mr. Zheng, told reporters that furniture beauticians do not want to be justified and must have relevant experience.

Market demand breeds a new industry of 'furniture beauticians'

Mr. Zhang, who is less than 30 years old this year, is one of Anji's furniture beauticians. He told reporters to be a furniture beautician, and he must have an understanding of furniture-related professions such as paint mixing, color matching, leather repair and even weaving. 'My main business now is delivery, and I have long-term cooperation with many brand stores. Now the furniture is expensive. Some' only this set 'of homes can only be repaired if they are damaged, so there is great market demand. 'Mr. Zhang said while showing his tools to reporters, a large box full of products, ranging from paints and paints to hair dryers.

During the interview, the reporter also met some citizens who 'find a way' because the furniture was damaged. 'The beam under the sofa was broken and wanted to find a carpenter to repair it. Can't see it below, just play around. 'Because the furniture and beauty industry is an emerging industry, many citizens hold the same concept as citizen Wu, so consumer awareness is not high.

Taking into account the price of the furniture itself, it is still necessary for professionals to deal with it when necessary. The maintenance of furniture is a complicated task. In addition to reinforcement, it is more important to maintain the same style as the original furniture. 'An insider analyzed that furniture beauticians abroad are a kind of senior technicians with high incomes, while Anji furniture beauties are basically at zero development, and the market prospect may be very broad.
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