"Methanol production of light olefins" won the 2014 National Technological Invention Award

People's Daily Online Beijing, January 9 (Ma Li Wei Yan Zhao Zhuqing) The 2014 National Science and Technology Awards Conference was held in Beijing today. The 70 scientific research achievements won the National Technology Invention Award, among which 3 items such as "Methanol Production of Low-Carbon Olefin" won the first prize, and 67 items such as "Key Technology of Space Displacing and Lock-in Mechanism" won the second prize.

The completion of the "Methanol Production of Light Olefins" project The Liu Zhongmin team of the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, achieved a technological breakthrough by overcoming a series of scientific problems related to catalysts and process technology, and mastered the key technology of coal-to-olefins to produce olefins from methanol. Therefore, under the background of China's "oil shortage, low gas, and rich coal", it provides important technical approaches for linking coal chemical industry and petrochemical industry, implementing oil substitution strategy, and ensuring energy security, indicating the direction of strategic development.

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1.Economic : quick installed and saving the cost of construction.
2.Reliable quality: mainly produced in the factory and control the quality.
3.big space: the max span of prefab steel structure can reach 80meters.
4.Antiseismic: because the weight is light.
5.Flexible: can be dismantled and enlarged.
6.Beautiful appearance: can use different colors.
7.Long lifespan: can be used more than 50 years.

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