New Chinese decoration company how to choose a new Chinese decoration price is not expensive

For most young people, they are more inclined to a variety of personalized decoration styles, such as industry, IKEA, and minimalism, but many owners are still deeply attracted by the traditional Chinese style of classical wind. Thus, a new Chinese style decoration has emerged. It combines traditional Chinese style with modern decoration style to make life easier. How does the new Chinese style decoration company choose? Is it expensive and inexpensive? Let's take a look at Xiaobian.

New Chinese decoration company how to choose

1, before selection, first of all to determine whether it is a professional new Chinese design company, because if you want to have a beautiful effect, choose a good decoration design company is particularly important, but also must have a business license, and to further determine Did you pass the annual inspection?

2, a company is good or bad, reputation and reputation can be directly displayed, so this is why these decoration companies spent great attention to the reasons for this focus, so when choosing a decoration company, it depends on whether there is a name in the industry How to use word of mouth to understand the decoration company's crafts, services and after sales.

3. To judge whether a company's level and quality are good, you can look at the design drawings to see if there is something in it. Of course, you can also have a short conversation with the company's designer before the decoration. These designers can also reflect indirectly. Renovation company's strength.

New Chinese decoration is expensive

1. The cost of different decoration methods is different. For example, half bag, it mainly includes artificial and accessories costs, the price is about 750 to 850 yuan per square or so, and all-inclusive, decoration budget is hard to install in 1200 Yuan per level or so, the whole package, because it includes soft equipment, furniture, appliances, etc., the budget is about 1800 ~ 2,500 yuan per level or so.

2. Generally speaking, there are many areas where tiles are used at home. For example, the budget is between 6000 and 10,000 yuan for the dining room and the kitchen and kitchen floor. Of course, when you choose, you can use good-looking styles. Must choose the first-line big brand, in addition to the bathroom because of the use of more sanitary ware, so this piece of the budget is also about 6000-10000 yuan, and try to choose the big brand, so that quality and quality can keep up.

3. In order to increase the storage space, the presence of cabinets is very necessary in the living room. Generally speaking, such products are calculated in terms of linear meters. For example, the length of a small-sized kitchen is approximately 3-4 meters. The customized price of the whole cabinet is above 10,000 yuan. Of course, you may also consider asking the woodworker to make cabinets, or ask masonry brick cabinets, and then customize the countertops and cabinet doors to save money.

Summary: Well, the above is about the content of the new Chinese-style decoration company selected, and hope to provide some help for you, I believe that in the future selection process of the new Chinese-style decoration company, friends will be more handy, to select a satisfied company .

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