New clifftop hotel on Mont Blanc energy comes from solar panels

New clifftop hotel on Mont Blanc Energy comes from solar panels

Cliff Lodge

Entrusted by the Italian Alps Club, the manufacturer "Lipu" built this cabin and cost about $336,000. After the cabin was built, it was lifted by a helicopter to a cliff of 2,830 meters above sea level in Mont Blanc.

The hotel has a total of 12 beds, a living room, a kitchen and a toilet. Lighting, heating and other energy sources come from the solar panels on the top of the cabin. The interior of the upper cabin is made of heat-insulating material. Even if it is cold outside, it is still warm and pleasant. The interior decoration imitates the traditional Alpine chalet and the furniture is made of birch wood.

The side of the cabin near the cliff is a whole piece of glass, where climbers can drink coffee and watch the mountains and snow.

Hotel investors told the British "Daily Mail" reporter that the climber can enjoy a comfortable sleep in the cabin and experience "a new way of life in the mountains."

Advanced environmental protection

Lipp designed and built the cabin fully taking into account the “extreme pressure at high altitudes” and hoped that the cabin will not affect the surrounding environment. Once the service life expires, it can still be lifted by helicopter.

A Liep spokesman said: "This project was finally completed with years of thinking in the cabin of life and a love of mountains and mountaineering."

The spokesman said: "This type of accommodation can withstand the harsh environment of high altitude for a long time."

“The interior birch furniture is reminiscent of a traditional Alpine chalet, but the cabin features various aesthetics that do not imitate any traditional Alpine architecture,” the spokesperson said. “Instead, the (design) intent is to go through details that are technically high. , make it different from the surrounding environment."

Restore movies

Cabin has been open to climbers. Some people who saw cabins felt that 80% of the designers were fans of the 1969 version of the British movie “The Greatest Hit”.

The classic movie, also known as "Italian Mission", brings together a large number of British film stars, including Michael Kane, who is still active in the film. The film tells the story of Charlie Charlie, played by Kane, with the help of a underworld leader, to launch a seamless scheme for theft of money. In the film, three BMW "Mini Cooper" cars pass through the subway tunnel and are chased by a large number of police cars. It is classic.

In the movie, there is a scene in which half of a bus leans out of a cliff and teeters. Just like this hotel on Mont Blanc, no wonder the Daily Mail reporter called it "The Daybreak Hotel." (Huang Min)

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