Plastics market enters a period of rapid development

Domestic plastics industry is entering the high-speed project opportunities, observations show that last year, domestic consumption of engineering plastics will reach 2.71 million tons, an increase of 10.93 percent over 2010. In addition, as engineering plastics are clearly placed in the new materials sector, its future development prospects will be more attractive.
Therefore, insiders observed that the development prospects of the domestic engineering plastics industry are very good. In the next few years, the demand for engineering plastics may continue to grow at a rate of more than 10%.
Obviously this optimistic expectation is not without factual basis. On the one hand, from the application field of engineering plastics, it is mainly used in the fields of electronic appliances, building materials, light industry and so on. Among them, compared with 42% of the world's engineering plastics used in the automotive industry, it is only about 10% in China. With the rapid development of the domestic automotive industry, the consumption of engineering plastics will also maintain a relatively fast growth rate.

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  Floor refers to the use of specific materials and processes on the original ground for construction and processing and showing a certain decorative and functional ground.

  Floor suitable for some places require relatively high hygiene conditions, such as the hospital ground, food factory floor, pharmaceutical factory floor, laboratory floor, room floor, etc ; require anti-stamping anti-corrosion wear on the ground, such as underground parking , Factory warehouse (forklift area) and so on.
Floor of the service area is modern industrial enterprises floor, commercial floor, large and medium-sized parking floor, parking garage floor, commercial plaza, station wharf, school playground, logistics warehouse floor, the hospital floor, office floor, swimming pool Floor, tourist attractions floor, all kinds of entertainment center floor, a variety of R & D field floor, in short, as long as the use of concrete to the floor can be made of floor.
  Many types of flooring materials, are as follows: Infiltration of Sealed Curing Agent, Non-metallic, Metallic aggregate wear-resistant floor, Non-Flammable Ground Hardener, Epoxy flat coating floor, Epoxy mortar floor, Epoxy self-leveling, Epoxy anti-static floor and so on.

Ground hardener system

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