Rosewood furniture up 10% depends on the value

The news of the mahogany furniture's plunge was reproduced insanely. Recently, the price of mahogany furniture caused by raw materials has risen and has been heated up.

For a time, the "worth" of mahogany furniture became a mystery again.

In response to these so-called price fluctuations, what is the mahogany furniture market in Shencheng, and what should consumers pay more attention to when buying?

Shen Hongmu furniture did not fall but rose

Facing the phenomenon of the price fluctuation of the mahogany furniture market, a reporter recently visited the market to investigate the current situation of the mahogany market.

In home stores such as Red Star Macalline, Actual Home, Ouyada Baili Home Furnishing and Lingxiu Home Furnishing, mahogany furniture has occupied an important position, and some have even occupied a floor.

According to the sales staff of Liantianhong, the price of mahogany furniture such as rosewood and huanghuali has not dropped, and it has also been increased by about 15% this year, which is currently 1999 yuan / kg and 3899 yuan / kg. From the point of view of sales, there has been no obvious fluctuation before the price adjustment.

In addition, the reporter also learned in the mahogany business area of ​​Lingxiu Home Shopping Plaza that the current mahogany furniture sales are basically stable.

Different raw materials have different prices

Why do the prices of the mahogany furniture that look the same are so different?

According to Wu Shengfu, China Forest Products Industry Association, the reason why the price of mahogany furniture differs greatly is mainly due to the different raw materials and workmanship used in the production process.

The reporter visited and learned that because of the different raw materials used in the production of mahogany furniture, there is a huge difference in price. The process mainly affects the quality of mahogany furniture.

Zhu Changling told reporters that ordinary people can't see the difference in some sub-filled mahogany furniture. In fact, compared with high-quality mahogany furniture, it lacks traditional furniture tenoning, grinding and other processes, so the price is much cheaper.

Look at the details of buying mahogany furniture

Faced with the mahogany furniture market, what issues should consumers pay attention to when buying?

Regarding the precautions for purchasing mahogany furniture, Wu Shengfu introduced that mahogany furniture includes "major mahogany furniture" and "full mahogany furniture". Among them, the visible parts of the furniture are made of mahogany, while the interior is made of other high-quality wood. This is the component mahogany furniture. The full mahogany furniture refers to the fact that all the wood products are made of mahogany. Identify where the mahogany is.

According to Ms. Han, the sales staff of Shenfa mahogany furniture, you can also judge by observing the wood grain of mahogany furniture. Although the mahogany furniture is colored, the wood grain is still relatively clear. For imitation products, after the paint treatment, the general color is relatively thick and no texture can be found.

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