The O2O era of the exhibition will promote the upgrading of the home industry

In-depth integration of online and offline to create a “never ending” exhibition

From the first session of 2002 to the present, the scale of China's international door industry exhibition has been continuously expanding, but relatively speaking, physical exhibitions still have "limited" in time and space. The continuous development of Internet technology and the strong rise of e-commerce have brought new ideas to the development of the exhibition and home furnishing industry. Through the portal exhibition investment platform, China International Door Industry Exhibition has set up an online portal exhibition to join the network platform, offline China International Door Industry Exhibition, and deepen the exhibitor service, there is a door to attract investment to join the negotiation platform. New pattern.

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The door exhibition attracts the business negotiation platform. Based on the more than 300,000 dealer data of China International Door Industry Exhibition , the call center composed of professionals with door enterprise channel manager experience communicates with exhibitors and franchisees, and guides the docking between the two. . After fully understanding the information of exhibitors and franchisees, through the analysis of comparisons, recommend high-quality franchisees to exhibitors.

On the one hand, the portal exhibition investment platform will use the '3D' animation and multimedia image technology to fully display the corporate image, product performance characteristics, product index parameters, etc., and expand the promotion and promotion of exhibitors and brands. On the other hand, timely and accurately publish the exhibitor's investment policy and franchisee's agency information, so that exhibitors and franchisees can be docked in a timely and effective manner.

In addition, the online exhibition hall has also set up a virtual network pavilion, which is separate from the physical exhibition. For home furnishing companies that do not have the time and energy to participate in the physical exhibition, there is an additional choice. The online exhibition hall can also obtain good investment promotion and brand promotion effects.

More importantly, every enterprise that enters the exhibition platform to attract investment will receive a “private customized” all-round brand promotion service. The door-to-door investment promotion platform relies on the China Door Industry Media Alliance to establish long-term strategic partnerships with a number of media. At the same time, it integrates the audience data of China Door Industry Exhibition, China Construction Expo, local markets and the official website of the exhibition. Bring accurate and efficient integrated marketing and big data marketing to the settled companies. At present, many exhibitors in the field of wooden doors and integrated homes have taken the lead.

Deepen the platform negotiation platform and directly intervene in enterprise and business docking

The door-to-door exhibition platform is not only an online version of the physical exhibition, but an enterprise-to-business platform built by the call center of the Internet and the negotiation platform. It gathers information, logistics, technology, capital and other resources for exhibitors and franchisees. Business creates greater value.

At present, the callers of the door-to-door investment promotion platform call center are all from the door enterprise channel manager. On the one hand, they fully understand the channel development plan and brand positioning of the exhibitors. On the other hand, directly contact the franchisees around the world to understand their intention to join, and then directly recommend the appropriate brand to the franchisee. Relying on the dealer data accumulated by China International Door Industry Exhibition for more than 10 years, the negotiation platform has reached more than 2,000 calls per day.

Taking advantage of this mode of direct involvement in business and business docking, China International Door Industry Exhibition still gets rid of the single exhibition mode limited by physical exhibition in time and space, truly builds a bridge between exhibitors and franchisees, and develops high quality for the door enterprises. The franchisee provided platform support.

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