What are the curtains in the living room?

An item that can be found in a windowed place is an indispensable item. It is a post-matching work, but it cannot be ignored. Then the living room is used as a place for guests and families to gather together. The curtains are an important part. The quality of the curtains reflects the owner's taste and taste, so decent, generous styles, colors and patterns are of utmost importance. Here we take a look at the living room curtains look good , what are the living room curtains to buy skills.

What curtains look good in the living room

1, material

Many kinds of materials are known to all, and the selection of different functional areas is not the same. For example, halls, bedrooms, and book houses can use the same material. The most suitable is a double curtain, and the inside layer is a light and thin material, like nylon silk, Thin yarns and mesh fabrics; the outer layer can be made of thick materials, such as corduroy, woolen cloth, and gold velvet, which can be easily changed with the weather.

2, color

Since everyone's preferences are different, and the need for lighting in each space is different, it is advisable to choose a bright color in the hall or the study room. This color is easy to create a bright atmosphere conducive to conversations with friends and occupants working and learning; and the bedroom The best choice for warm colors is to create a warm atmosphere that is conducive to rest and sleep.

3, quality

Good quality of the goods can show the quality and taste of the household. Therefore, when selecting the curtains, you should check whether the products meet the characteristics of their own materials. If they match, they can be purchased.

Living room curtains

1, should consider the function of the room

As mentioned above, the selection of each area should be treated differently. For example, sanitary ware and cooking areas should be selected for materials that are more practical and easy to clean, and can withstand the pollution of steam and grease; and the lobby and dining area should be closed. High-weave fabrics can ensure privacy and sleep. The study should choose fabrics with good translucency, bright colors and bright colors, which can make people calm and help improve the efficiency of work and study.

2, texture and season

Generally speaking, the hot summer is suitable for light and thin yarns and silks. The advantage is that it is transparent and cool; in the winter, it is appropriate to use a thick woolen cloth, which is characterized by thick and warm.

3, the room's demand for light

If this room has a great demand for light, it is also suitable for light and thin yarn and silk, features cool and transparent; if the light requirements are not strict, optional plain printed cotton or linen fabric is best, of course, can also be used Double curtain, according to different seasons and light alternating use, thin thickness arbitrary choice, convenient and applicable.

4, try not to use too shiny shiny material, so the fabric is easy to refract light, dazzling, bringing people cold feeling.

Summary: The above is what Xiaobian brought to everyone today, what curtains look beautiful , I believe that my friends also have a certain understanding of what the living room curtains look good you can refer to, I hope this article is helpful to you.

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