What is the cause of the leaking shower room?

The shower room brings rich showering experience and enjoyment to our bathing life. However, many users will also be confused. Some shower rooms may have water leakage phenomenon. So, how can the shower room leak ? What is the reason for the leaking shower room? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

First, what is the cause of leaking shower room

The reason for the general leakage of the shower room is that the product itself is not designed to take care of the problem of waterproofing. There are no strips of glue in the details against the wall or the bottom.

Second, shower leak how to do

The solution to the leakage of the shower room should first be checked:

1. Whether the cold and hot water pipes leak (pressure pump pressure test);

2. Whether the glass glue of the shower room is degummed (repeated glass glue);

3. The floor of the shower room is leaking water. (One completely solves the problem of flipping the floor tiles and re-laying them. The two are cut on the surface of the floor tiles with a cutting machine to cut a 2-3mm concave and then re-picked with a white porcelain neutral glass to save the use. 3 -5 years, but not long term).

General shower room is made of glass glue to achieve waterproof, if it is a good shower room, generally there will be no leakage problems, even if there is a little, a little hit glass glue can solve the problem. The general shower room can only rely on playing a lot of glass glue.

The above information about how to leak the shower room and why the shower room leaked is briefly introduced here. I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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