What should be paid attention to in the best autumn decoration of a house in a few months?

After many owners paid a house, a lot of people have the same question, that is, when the construction of the house is good? Because in every season different climate, humidity level is not the same, resulting in the decoration of the difficulty is not the same, that a few The best decoration of the house in the month , autumn decoration should pay attention to what? Today Xiao Bian came to introduce it for everyone.

A few months to decorate the house is best: from March to June

From March to June belongs to the early spring season, it is a very suitable decoration month. The climate is moderate from March to June, neither too cold nor too hot. The water content of the material is sufficient and the paint adhesion is excellent. In addition, these months are part of the decoration company's sense of processing season, the decoration costs are relatively low, decoration staff experience is also more abundant, so many people choose to decorate in the past few months.

The best time to renovate the house in months: September to November

September to November is the season of construction and is the best time for renovation. During this season, the weather is cool and the temperature is not dry. And autumn winds, good ventilation effect, conducive to the volatilization of toxic gases. It helps to ensure the quality of construction.

Fall decoration should pay attention to what

1, wood anti-dry

The climate in the season is dry. After the timber is shipped to the decoration site, avoid placing it on the vents and seal the oil on the surface as soon as possible. Because the wood is easy to air dry at the vents at this time, moisture in the wood will be lost, resulting in dry cracks on the surface of the wood. During the autumn decoration process, high-grade decorative panels such as beech wood are to be sealed to lock in moisture. If the moisture in the woodline is lost, the woodline will shrink and deform, which will seriously affect the appearance of the veneer.

2, wallpaper, wall cloth against water loss

At present, the wall decoration of homes is mostly painted or wallpapers and wall coverings. Among them, the application of wallpapers and wall coverings is becoming increasingly widespread. In the summer, because of the dampness of the air, wallpapers and wall coverings are not very troublesome. After normal construction, open doors and windows to allow the walls to dry quickly. Compared with the summer, autumn wallpapers and wall coverings need to pay attention to more issues. Since the autumn climate is dry, wallpapers and wall coverings must be soaked in water before they are laid, soaked in “water”, and then brushed. After the shop is covered, you cannot open the windows and doors as quickly as the summer to dry the walls. This can easily cause the wallpaper to deform due to water loss. Therefore, in the autumn, the walls of wallpapers and wall coverings must be dried naturally.

3, autumn decoration attention to fire

As the autumn climate is dry and windy, it is a period of frequent fires. In particular, the use of flammable and explosive materials for interior decoration is more likely to cause fires. Supervise and cooperate with construction personnel to carry out standard operations, and prepare in advance for other hidden dangers such as fire prevention and explosion protection.

4, on-site construction to be safe

Pay attention to the safety of electricity during the construction of the interior, and it must not be disorderly connected to the wire, or there is no protective tube on the power line; smoking is prohibited at the scene and no open flame can be used; flammable materials such as paint should be stored away from the fire source, cool and ventilated, Safe place; The construction site should be cleaned every day to remove wood chips, paint scales and other combustibles.

Xiao Bian's words: The above is about the months of decoration of the best house and the decoration of the fall to pay attention to what related to the introduction, I hope to give you some help. In the construction of our house, it is not only the selection of a suitable decoration company that is critical, but a suitable climate is also very important.

A few months to decorate the house

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