Which is good for sensen zinc and propyl zinc?

      Both of these agents are protective fungicides that prevent fungal diseases in a variety of crops, as long as they are applied before the onset of the crop. 

The earliest synthetic is mancozeb, which has a wide spectrum of sterilization, good effect and low drug resistance.
Later, in the use of manganese ions, it is easy to produce phytotoxicity. Therefore, in the process of synthesis, the manganese ion is proposed to evolve into a zinc, but the use of proven zinc has no bactericidal spectrum and protection ability. Generally, there is no killing effect on fungi, only the zinc content is higher than that of mancozeb, and the market is ready to eliminate the variety.
Therefore, the experts managed to fuse the zinc ions and manganese ions in the mancozeb. It is not a single manganese ion, and there is almost no phytotoxicity. This is the complex state of mancozeb! This is the difference between Dow Dasheng, American Xiannong, DuPont New Wansheng, etc. and ordinary mancozeb.
The process of zinc bismuth increases the zinc content, which greatly improves the protection effect, but lacks the bactericidal effect of manganese ions, and has good protection. The difference between zinc and manganese is zinc content and manganese ion.
Daisenlian has higher zinc content, better protection effect, and obvious brightening effect of foliage greening fruit surface!
Mancozeb has a zinc content of 2.55% and a zinc content of 8%. Bincin zinc zinc content 15.8%? Daisenlian contains 18% zinc

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