Wujinmu furniture how to maintain common sense to you

There is nothing in the Opal Furniture Newsletter that is eternal and never declining. The same is true for Wujinmu furniture . Wujinmu furniture has a unique position in the furniture market because of its beautiful texture, eye-catching color and special growth environment. However, Wujinmu furniture also needs long-term maintenance. The following small series will talk with everyone about Wujin. Wood furniture maintenance knowledge.

1, smooth placement

The first common sense of Wujinmu furniture maintenance is to place it smoothly. If the floor where the ebony wood furniture is placed is not stable enough, it will be easy for the legs of the furniture to be damaged if the time is long. Therefore, users should be placed even when they are using it.

2, avoid high temperatures

The second common knowledge of Wujinmu furniture maintenance is to avoid high temperatures. If the environment in which 乌金木家具 is placed is often in a high temperature state, then, for a long time, it is easy to cause signs of distortion or cracking on the surface of the furniture. Therefore, users should avoid high temperatures when using them.

乌金木家具如何保养 保养常识送给你

3, pay attention to cleaning

The third common knowledge of Wujinmu furniture maintenance is to pay attention to cleaning. Generally for the cleaning work of Wujinmu furniture, we can first remove the dust on the surface with a wrung wet cloth, and then use a soft brush to treat the dirt at the corners.

4, pay attention to care

The fourth common sense of Wujinmu furniture maintenance is to pay attention to care. Generally, for the nursing work of Wujinmu furniture, we can wax it once every six months, which not only can extend its service life, but also maintain its beauty.

乌金木家具如何保养 保养常识送给你

The above is the relevant content of Wujinmu maintenance knowledge. If you want to know more furniture information, please pay attention to the furniture.

Source: Opal Furniture

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